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  • Long term memory

    Never forget even a single piece of code.

  • Control who sees your code

    You can make your code

    • Public - Anyone can view it.
    • Private - Visible only to those whom you shared the url.
    • Protected - Only you can view it.
  • Organize

    Arrange your snippets in collections.

  • Fork

    If you find a code useful for you if modified,then

    • Fork it
    • Modify it
    • Store it
  • Community

    Build and be a part of thousands of people of similar interest.

  • Find

    Search through the snippets and find solutions to your problems.

  • Knowledge Retainment

    Even if your teammates leave you can ensure that their knowledge stays.

  • Analytics

    Full list of people who viewed a snippet or a message or an announcement.

    • Ensure that all your new recruits have seen a basic sets of pages
    • Ensure that your announcements are acknowledged by everyone in your team
    • Find the most searched information of your organization
  • Leaderboard

    Encourage a healthy competition in your team by keeping the score of the major contributor of the week.

  • Ensure everyone views

    Admin can set an announcement that must be viewed by all team members. if they have not viewed, the admin will get notification.

  • Goals

    Set monthly, quaterly and yearly goals for the members of your team.

  • Organize

    Arrange your snippets in collections.