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The Three Biggest Factors That Affect Your Chances of Winning at Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos around the world. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is easy to play, has a low house edge and can result in large wins for players. However, there are a few key elements of blackjack that every player should know in order to maximize their chances for success.

The most important thing to remember about blackjack is that the objective of the game is to beat the dealer. There is a common misconception that beating the dealer requires making a hand value of 21 or higher, but in reality, this isn’t the case. At its simplest, beating the dealer simply means outdrawing their hand value.

One of the most common mistakes that players make when playing blackjack is second guessing their decisions. This can lead to committing certain mistakes that can dramatically decrease their odds of winning. To improve your chances of winning at blackjack, it is important to understand basic strategy and manage your bankroll responsibly.

Hitting and standing are two of the most basic concepts to understand in blackjack. If you hit, you will receive another card from the dealer until you either bust or have a total of 21. If you stand, you will not ask for any more cards. When it comes to splitting cards, the rules vary by casino and even by variant of the game, but in general, you should always split aces and eights. You should also never split 10s or more.

Another factor that can affect your odds of winning blackjack is the number of decks of cards being used in a particular game. Many casinos will use multiple decks of cards, which makes counting cards a difficult task. Nonetheless, some card counting systems can be used to help you increase your chances of winning blackjack by predicting the next card that will appear in the dealer’s hand.

The final factor that can significantly affect your odds of winning is whether or not you are taking insurance on your blackjack hand. Taking insurance will give you an even money payoff if the dealer has a blackjack, but this will cost you your original blackjack bet of 3-2. Unless you have an excellent understanding of basic blackjack strategy, it is generally better to leave the insurance bet alone.

There is no guaranteed way to win every hand of blackjack, but by following a basic strategy and managing your bankroll, you can greatly increase your chances of winning. Ultimately, though, luck and the house edge will still play a significant role in your blackjack results. To learn more about the rules and strategies for this popular card game, read our blackjack article. Then, try it out for yourself at a DraftKings blackjack table! With a variety of themes, you’re sure to find a blackjack table that suits your style. Good luck!